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Buyers Guide To Buying the Right Corset for you

Buying a corset that fits just right for your body shape and size is extremely important as a badly fitting corset will be painful to wear and may rub around the hips and under arm regions. A properly fitted corset will accentuate your body's good points, minimise the bad points creating an instant newer sexier you!
Corset Sizes
The table below provides a guide to the overall sizing of the corsets we sell. The corset size is the chest size in inches taken immediately below your breasts. This is also your bra size so if you are eg size 34B bra, a size 34 corset would be suitable. The bust size relates to the size in inches around the widest part of your breasts, normally converted into cup sizes for bra sizing. If your overbust measurement is more than 1.5 inches greater than the top bust measurement for a particular corset size, we would recommend that you buy the next size corset up.
Corset Size Bust Waist Hips Dress Size
32 32-34 23-25 34-36  
34 34-37 25.5-28 36-39  
36 37-40 28-31 39-41  
38 40-43 31-34 41-44  
40 42-45 34-37 44-47 1X(18-20)
42 45-48 37-40 47-50 2X(20-22)
44 48-51 40-43 50-53 3X(22-24)
46 51-54 43-46 53-57 4X(24-26)
48 54-57 46-49 56-59 5X(26-28)
50 57-60 49-52 59-62 6X (28-30)
Choosing the Best Corset Style for your Body Shape
Larger Bust

* Overbust corsets can be more comfortable to wear than a bra if you have large breasts as the weight is distributed from the waist which provides better support for your back and prevents the pain of bra straps digging into your shoulders or cutting into the back of your rib cage.

* Corsets with a sweetheart neckling. deeper plunge neckline or zipper front which can be worn at different levels of closure are better suited for more ample breasts.

* Corsets which include halter straps can also be effective as they produce lift, add extra support and create amazing cleavage.


Small Bust

* If you are relatively flat chested (cup size B or lower), try a flat fronted corset or a corset which has ruffles or other decorative adornments in the bust area to give the illusion of larger breasts.

* Some push up bras are also suitable for wearing under your corset to provide the extra lift and cleavage. These would be more suitable for wearing under sweetheart or plunge neckline style corsets


Straight Body Shape

* If you have a straight body shape, it usualy means you have medium sized breasts, small waist which is not well defined and a flat bottom or slightly curvy hips.

* The good news is that you can pretty much wear any design of corset available. However, if you wish to add definition to your waist, choose a corset that will enhance the bust area, thereby making the waistline look smaller eg lace accents on the cups.


Pear Shaped

* Pear shaped is as the name implies the lower portion of the body os larger than the top portion. You are going to want a corset which gives the appearance of a larger bust and creates balance between the upper and lower body sections.

* Corsets which have contrasting vertical lines are a good choice because they elongate the body and add lift to the bust area.



Apple Shape

* Women who are apple shaped have a heavier mid section and often have thinner legs and ankles.

* It is better to choose a longer line corset to elongate the body and also to go for plain colours, rather than large patterns which can accentuate the mid section.

* Choose a corset with decorative edging around top and lower edges draws attention away from the tummy. Sweetheart and deep plunge necklines are also effective to draw the eye upwards away from the middle.

* Darker colours generally have a better slimming effect than lighter colours


Broad Shoulders

* A corset with wide shoulder straps will minimise the effect of wide shoulders.

* If you do wish to wear a strapless corset, however, a sweetheart neckline will be more flattering than a flat fronted corset.


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