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Knickersonline Guide to Wearing a Corset

The corset has been a fashion favourite for 7 centuries. Corsets make your waist look slimmer, your bust larger and your stomach flatter.They give you beautiful posture and a graceful carriage. They provide support for your back, and if that is not enough, they are also very hot! Whether worn inside or out, corsets are the sexiest garments around hands down!
How to put on a Corset
1. Fully open the laces at the back of the corset.
2. Unfasten the front of the corset.
3. Wrap the corset around you bust and waist. If the front is a zipper, zip it up. If the front is hook and eye, start at the top or botton (whichever you find easier) and work methodically up or down to the other edge.
4. Lacing up a corset is much easier if you have help (consider it a hint of how much fun it will be to unlace you later!)
how to lace up a corset stage 1 how to lace up a corset stage 2 how to lace up a corset stage 3 how to lace up a corset stage 4
Start lacing from the top of the corset. The mid point of the ribbon should be at the centre top. Create loops in the lacing halfway down and then continue lacing to the bottom of the corset. Loosen lacing sufficiently to put corset on and close front and then tie off ends securely at the lower edge and tuck them under the lower hem. Trim any excess with scissors. Tighten lacing using the loops in the centre, taking up slack from above and below the loops. Tie off excess at the centre using a bow(s). Do not wrap the excess around the corset as this will damage the corset during wear.
5. Reverse the process to remove the corset.
Corset Tips

Corsets should feel good as well as looking good. A well fitted, properly laced corset feels like being given a hug. If you are feeling pain or discomfort, the corset is laced too tight.

* If you want maximum waist reduction for a special occasion, loosely lace into the corset a few hours ahead of time. Tighten the laces every half hour until you reach the desired fit.

* Corsets need a break-in period. Once the fabric contours to your natural curves, you can lace tighter.

* When lacing up a corset, don't jerk the ties as you run the danger of snapping the ribbon or breaking an eyelet.

* Make sure you re-attach the suspender straps in the proper direction with the suspender ribbons on the outside.

* Put on your stockings and fasten your shoes before lacing up your corset. Leaning forward can pop open the waistline hook and eye stud.

* Allow extra time for dressing when wearing a corset.

How to Care for your Corset

Modern corsets are low maintenance, with many being able to be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle. Spot treat stains straight away and use a landry bag as an extra precaution.
Some fabrics like brocades and silks should be dry cleaned. Always follow the instructions provided on the garment care tag and you'll be enjoying your corset for many years.


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